Learning objectives

• How to use insights from data to build a category plan that has credibility with the customer

• How to focus objectively on the category, not just our brands, but still achieve win-win for both trade partners

• How to propose, in a face-to-face meeting, an in-depth category plan that motivates the customer to adopt it

• How to optimise the mix of Ranging, Location, Space and Promotion so that the category performs profitably at the point-of-purchase

For 12 – 15 participants over 2 days.

Develops enhanced capabilities in category managers, sales/customer management people and customer support managers.

Overview of the game

• 3 teams – 2 branded companies selling to one retailer

• Teams connected by local area network to each other and to tutor + printer - System is live

• Number of rounds – each focusing on a specific area – e.g. one round can be Ranging and Space Optimisation across trade channels and store classes

• All teams prepare in-depth category-wide plans on laptop – transmit these to retailer

• Then face-to-face meetings – retailer executes in-store plan - results printed for stores performance

• Calibre of plan and its interpersonal delivery practiced – a good plan may be sold in poorly

• Skill shot sessions between rounds

• System generates ‘what-if’ for all proposals – rich material for learning

Global Sourcing

Strategic Buyer

End-to-End Value


Category Influencer