Learning objectives

• To provide a ‘Big Picture’ understanding of the overall business and also the impact of departmental (‘silo’) decisions on the end-to-end value chain

• To understand how to work between company functions to deliver high product availability to customers at lowest possible cost

• To rehearse in action how to avoid value-loss in typical dangerous business scenarios e.g. changes in demand, new product introductions, promotional uplifts

The simulation runs for 2 days and is suitable for 12 – 16 participants.

Develops enhanced value chain awareness in managers across functions - such as category, customer, customer support, supply chain, production, purchasing and finance.

Overview of the game

• 4 teams with laptops linked by LAN to tutor laptop in one room

• Each team contains people from a mixture of cross-functional roles and the team plays the part of one function each round

• Teams do not compete against each other. Rather, they must work together to achieve value chain optimisation

• Teams change roles each round for added collaboration insights e.g. Purchasing team become Manufacturing team

• The teams collectively face a series of scenarios

• These scenarios start with a dislocated chain that requires re-planning to optimise

• If chain not optimised, will result in lost value

• Ongoing coaching is given to teams during the live activity

• Final result is reviewed with discussion and real-life applications

Global Sourcing

Strategic Buyer

End-to-End Value


Category Influencer