If simulation design is a science then packaging it into a great training event is an art! A good simulation delivered with passion, pace, and excitement engages participants like no other form of training.

Our training consists of three elements: course design, course delivery and learning workshops.

At course design, we work with the client to really understand the skills, behaviour and knowledge that the client wants to see established and working in the management team. We may develop documentation; tweak the simulations, brief line-managers and build learning tools to support this.

We also seek to understand the participant dynamics and characteristics so that we can design teams that stretch personal behaviour and develop team effectiveness.

At course delivery, we brief the teams so that they not only understand the objectives of the training but how it will work. Throughout the course we support the participants with practical coaching, facilitation, hints and tips that enable them to learn rapidly.

After each performance update, we run a "skill-shot" session with the entire group to highlight and discuss solutions to the skill gaps observed. We share techniques from a library of content to support our observations and formalise the learning. At the end of the course, each participant receives a disc of content specific to their own needs.

Shortly after the course, we run two separate learning workshops with the sponsor and then with all participants. With the sponsor, we are able to share observations on each participant as well as the group as a whole and make recommendations. With the group we summarise our observations, explore the participants' learnings and then exchange examples of how this is being delivered in their day-to-day roles.

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