Learning Objectives

• To explore the gathering and analysis of intelligence in purchasing decisions

• To practice in action building a purchasing strategy

• To assess and select suppliers consistent with the adopted strategy

• To explore how purchasing tools can be used for advantage ~ lower cost price, better supplier performance, leverage supplier innovation

• To build teamwork

• To thus learn how to generate commercial benefits and long-term value

The simulation runs for 2 days and is suitable for 12 – 20 participants.

Develops enhanced capabilities in procurement, purchasing, buying, supply chain, new product development and financial managers. Suitable for trained managers to sharpen their skills in action

Overview of the game

• 4 teams in one large room, with PCs linked to tutor PC by cable network (We bring the team laptops, cable network, do the set-up)

• They form 4 competing companies

• An abstract scenario is used in order to free up participants’ thinking

• The business is mobile phones – sourcing of production items for the manufacture of the phones, placing contracts for non-production items

• The teams take over a sourcing situation with incumbent suppliers; each company has a different sourcing pattern

• Companies then set out to progress and improve

• Success of the virtual company depends totally upon the quality of the purchasing decisions

• No marketing/sales decisions

• 17 intelligence-gathering options and 19 supply tools/initiatives available

Global Sourcing

Strategic Buyer

End-to-End Value


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